Lali Torma, Canada

Lali Torma’s artistic practice started as a part-time, self-taught balancing act during her life in Canada. Her first experiments with color and movement were influenced by the North American Abstract Expressionism landscape (Pollok, Riopelle) and came from a personal quest for freedom from human created restraining structures (communism, corporate environment). 

In 2014, her artistic practice became central when she moved to Berlin to dedicate herself to her art. With further influences from Abstract Expressionism, she gradually added new dimensions to her practice Minimalism, Op Art, post-Painterly Abstraction and Conceptual Art (Gerhard Richter, Agnes Martin, Mark Rothko, Sol le Witt, Yayoi Kusama).

Torma’s styles may have transformed over time, but her her process is the same: firstly, she chooses a color palette that corresponds to her emotional state, following she defines the methodology and its tools. The final and most important act is to let everything flow freely allowing for accidents, but most importantly, for the surprise, defining her artistic search as a desire for novelty and discovery of the “unseen” within the self and its environment, only to uncover their wonderful unity.

From acrylic paintings to calligraphic ink drawings, the artist’s main practice is focused on generating new surfaces from repetitive movements as representations of the subconscious. The movements are simple, looking for primitive impulses in artistic expression, so as to dissolve the complexity, restrictiveness and ambiguity of the language and figurative imagery as form of expression, a transcendental quest away from intellectualism. Those highly sensitive surfaces act like new membranes, able to sense emotions and translate them into evocative personal stories helping the artist understand the implicit meta-stories in her own terms. With no fixed figurative interpretation, the artworks are mainly abstract resembling Zen gardens, aboriginal patterns, craving a connection to the natural world, to unseen forms of energy, and to hidden emotional states.


The Sun MachineAcrylic on canvas
Scarf 45x45cm  |  $ 55,00

The DolphinsAcrylic on canvas
Scarf 45x45cm  |  $ 55,00

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