Peter de Boer, Netherlands

I’m primarily a painter. Combining thin layers of tempera and the use of oil paint creates a depth that allows the viewer to enter the paintings.

My landscapes transport us to a simpler time. Inspired by the organic forms and lush shades of the natural world, I’m interested in exploring both the harmonious and destructive sides of the relationship between man and nature. Manmade structures like tents and treehouses calling to mind associations of childhood nostalgia and a growing human presence in the natural world. These places can be associated with protection, survival and safety, but at the same time carry a sense of adventure, curiosity and exploration.

The same versatility can be seen in other recurring themes: the surf scenes, representing sports and playfulness, but also heightened consciousness and awareness of nature. Or the icebears, being both endearing and dangerous.


Caravan ParadiseOil and acrylic on canvas
Scarf 45x45cm  |  $ 55,00

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