Interview | Teis Albers

Born in Berlicum, the Netherlands, Teis Albers is an artist who soaks creativity from the world that surrounds him. Without limiting himself to an exclusive source or inspiration, the artist told us that he usually looks for references and inspirations on the media, the street scene, and nature. By using a mix of illustration, typography, photography and various compilation techniques, Teis creates stunning visuals, rich in eye-catching details, with natural elements as a constant on his creations.

With a background in graphic design and a career in communication and the media industry, Teis knows well that art needs to not just be beautiful, but become a source of inspiration for the people. From this experience, he says: “the main goal at the beginning for me was to inspire other people to get out there and create.” An idea that couldn’t be more aligned with our purpose as a brand. By making Teis artworks more available through our products, we wish to give you a unique and special item, which it's beautiful by itself, but that will for sure become unique after receiving your special touch.

“I think it will be a hit!” Enthusiastic about our collab, Teis told us that he really believes that his artworks dialogue well with wearables. And by taking a look at his creations it’s easy to understand why. His images carry some vintage feeling that brings us to the countryside and nature, but at the same time contrast with elements that seem to be brought straight from the vibrant life of big cities. By exploring details across a variety of media and techniques, Teis’ works are a gateway for those who like to wander across visuals that swing between reality and the fantastic.

And while we are excited to see how you will transform such amazing artworks by combining our scarfs with your style, Teis is already planning his next exhibition at the “world’s first” flower-art museum in the Netherlands this spring. He also told us that he is already working on lots of new artworks, especially by using a new camera, which will help him to capture new elements with even more details.

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